Boston College–OT–John Wetzel

As I prepared for the 2013 NFL Draft, I made a list of some of the players I hoped to interview this time of year that I felt while not necessarily household names but guys that would have long NFL careers.   One of the first guys on that list was JohnWetzel from Boston College.   If you do your homework you realize that a guy like John is exactly the type of player you pencil into your starting lineup and forget about for 12 years.     Below is a copy of the conversation I had with John as he prepared for the upcoming draft.
Footballdialogue: What is official size and weight?
John Wetzel:  I am 6’7’’ 318 pounds.
FD: What is a normal dinner for a guy your size?
JW: Well tonight I had some wings as an appetizer, some potato soup, a twenty ounce steak, mashed potatoes, green beans and some bread.
FD: What other sports did you play in high school?
JW: I played AAU basketball, volleyball and shot put for track.
FD: I noticed you played defensive line when in high school has that helped you succeed as a left tackle?
JW: Yes, have that experience taught me some the tricks defensive lineman might do to beat an offensive lineman.  It prepares you to know what to look for from the other side of the ball.
FD: How did you come to pick Boston College to continue your career?
JW: Recruiting trip my senior year I really like the campus.   The offensive line and running coach both came to a basketball game of mine and made me the offer.  Just thinking of the great education and experience I would receive at Boston College made the choice obvious.
FD: What advice has Anthony Castonzo given you about making the next step into the NFL?
JW: He helped me a lot with teaching me techniques and working with me for the kick step and punch.  We trained together too this off-season.
FD: What are your thoughts on playing right tackle at the next level?
JW: Right now that probably is the best place for me.   Once I can get that position down and prove I belong if the team wants we can move over to left tackle.
FD: What has been the best memory of your days at Boston College?
JW: Early in my career I would say the bowl games but more recently just being in a packed house every
week.  The atmosphere of college football especially at Boston College is just a memory I will carry forever.
FD: Who has been the most influential person in your football career?
JW: Three men. My two high school coaches Ron Wabby and Rich Murphy and at Boston College, coach Bollman, who has now moved onto be the offensive coordinator at Michigan State.
FD: Who was the best player you faced in college?
JW: The dynamic duo at Florida State in Bjoern Warner and Cornellius Carradine.
FD: Where was your favorite place to play on the road?
JW: Clemson University was something special for sure.
FD: Who was your favorite player/team growing up?
JW:  I am a student of the game with an old school mentality and loved watch film of Joe Greene.

FD: Can we follow you on Twitter?

JW: They sure can I can be followed at @jwetz73  


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